Persuasive - Tries to convince the reader, Informative - Tells you facts about something, Descriptive - Tells readers what something is like, Instructive - Tells you how to do something, Webpage - Internet page with links, Tone - The general style/mood/attitude of the text, Ambiguous - Not clear, not one obvious meaning, Objective - Unbiased, impartial, open-minded, Subjective - A view/opinion based on feelings, not facts, Facetious - Treating a serious issue with inappropriate humour   , Subheadings - Tells you what a section of text is about, Formal/Official - Correct grammar, no slang, no abbreviations, Highlight - To draw attention to a word , Informal - Colloquial, abbreviated words, slang, often addresses reader directly, Bullet Points - Separate information into lists to make the writing clear, Recount - Re-tell a story or series of events, Biased - Unfairly prejudiced, not presenting a balanced view,

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