1) Which of these things will not dissolve in water? a) sugar b) sawdust c) sand 2) Something which keeps its own shape and size is known as a a) liquid b) gas c) solid 3) This will float in water. a) nail b) feather c) coin 4) Which one will sink in water? a) cork b) paper clip c) paper 5) This object will melt when it is heated. a) plastic b) glass c) stone 6) Which of these can pollute the air? a) running b) growing trees c) burning bushes 7) This is part of the skeleton. a) backbone b) heart c) brain 8) This animal has scales. a) snake b) tiger c) bird 9) Which animal lives on land and in water. a) cat b) fish c) frog 10) This is a reptile. a) snake b) bird c) crab 11) They lay eggs. a) lizards b) humans c) pigs 12) They do not have backbones. a) butterflies b) cats c) lizards




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