Respiration is the ____ breakdown of food molecules in cells to produce ____. There are two types of respiration, aerobic and anaerobic respiration. ____ occurs in the presence of oxygen and the products are ____, water and energy. ____ occurs in the absence of oxygen. In yeast, anaerobic respiration is also known as ____ as it produces ____. Carbon dioxide is another by-product. In ____ and bacteria, anaerobic fermentation produces ____. Aerobic respiration releases much more energy than either form of anaerobic respiration. Air is a mixture of gases: ____ (78%), ____ (21%) and other gases (1%). ____ is a ____ process in which air is drawn across the ____ surface. The human respiratory system consists of the ____ (windpipe), bronchi and ____. In humans, ____ occurs in the air sacs (____) in the lung. Carbon dioxide and ____ are greenhouse gases. Particulates (____) cause global dimming. ____ bonds irreversibly with ____ to form ____.____ causes acid rain. Acid rain kills plants and aquatic animals, also it weathers ____ and corrodes ____. Air pollutants may cause respiratory disorders such as allergies, asthma, ____ and lung cancer. Cigarettes contain ____, an addictive drug, and ____ which can lead to ____.




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