conduction - the transfer of heat energy through a material, convection - heat energy is transferred through fluids by movement of the particles themselves, radiation - heat transfer through a vacuum, conductor - material through which heat energy can be transferred, insulator - material that does not conduct heat well, convection current - constant circulation of hot (or warm) particles moving upwards and the cooler particles moving downwards, wind - the movement of air currents, vacuum - empty space, bimetallic strip - made up of two strips of different metals welded or riveted together, thermometer - used to measure temperature, clinical thermometer - used to measure the temperature of the human body, maximum–minimum thermometer - measures the highest and lowest temperature over s period of time, ventilation - provides conditions for the movement or circulation of air in an enclosed space, mixing ventilation - mixing stale air with fresh air, displacement ventilation - admitting fresh air and removing stale air through vents, hygrometer - used to measure humidity, temperature, air movement, humidity - factors that affect the rate of drying, humidity - the amount of water vapour in the atmosphere., characteristics of stale air - increased temperature, dust, odours and bacteria, high carbon dioxide content, mercury - liquid used in a thermometer,




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