1) What is the largest continent?  a) Asia  b) Africa c) South America  d) Antarctica  2) What is the correct order of the continents from largest to smallest? a) Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Antarctica, Australia b) Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia 3) __________ is the largest ocean in the world. a) Indian Ocean  b) Pacific Ocean  c) Atlantic Ocean 4) Earth is known as a water planet because... a) It is covered in 30% water b) It is covered with 70% water c) None of the above 5) The Caribbean is located between which 2 continents? a) Asia and Europe b) North America and Europe c) North and South America  6) What ocean washes the shores of the Caribbean? a) Pacific Ocean b) Indian Ocean c) Atlantic Ocean 7) The _____ sea washes the shores of every Caribbean country. a) Caribbean Sea b) Atlantic Sea c) Pacific Sea 8) What are the 2 mainland territories of the Caribbean? a) Guyana and Belize b) Guyana and Curaçao c) St.Vincent and the Grenadines 9) St.Vincent, Barbados, and St.Lucia all belong to which island grouping? a) Greater Antillies  b) Leeward islands c) Winward islands 10) Which 2 islands belong to the Greater Antilles? a) Jamaica and Cuba b) St.Vincent and Guyana c) The Bahamas and Puerto Rico

Social Studies Revision Oceans, Continents and the Caribbean




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