1) The Mayas settled in which country? a) Peru b) Guatemala c) Jamaica d) Puerto Rico 2) How could one describe the religious beliefs of the Mayas? a) Polytheistic b) Polygamy c) Monotheistic d) Atheist 3) Mayans stored grains in underground store houses called? a) Chultunes b) Milpas c) Chad Mool d) Xaman Ek 4) The Kalinago Chief was called a? a) Cacique b) Ouboutou c) Halach Uninic d) Lopotari Akuru 5) What was the name of the dye that the Kalinagos painted their bodies with? a) Matapis b) Hairari c) Calabash d) Raucous 6) At the age of four Carib/Kalinago boys were taken away from their mother to live in a? a) Ajupa b) Barrack c) Kabay d) Coyaba 7) The ice bridge that connected Siberia and Alaska at the time of the Arrival of the first Americans was called? a) The Bering Strait b) The Atlantic Ocean c) The Middle Passage d) The Kali Pain 8) Which of the following was considered to be a sign of beauty and intelligence of a Maya? a) Wearing of beads and shells b) Warfare c) Flattening their foreheads d) Participating in ball game competitions 9) The Mayas developed all of the following except: a) Mathematics b) Canoes c) Writing d) Calendar 10) The Tainos did not settle on which islands? (i) Jamaica (ii) Puerto Rico (iii) Grenada (iv) Cuba a) i and iii b) iii only c) i, iii and iv d) All of the above

The Indigenous peoples of the Caribbean




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