1) A small plant with few leaves is called a a) seedling  b) flower c) fruit 2) The _______ of a plant grows first. a) root b) leaves c) flower 3) This protects the seed. a) seed coat b) leaves c) fruit 4) Which part of the seed provides food for the seedling? a) radicle b) cotyledon c) embryo 5) This is the baby plant inside of the seed. a) embryo b) radicle c) cotyledon 6) Plants use their _______ to make food. a) leaves b) stem c) root 7) The green pigment is a plant's leaves is called a) chlorophyll b) ink c) mineral 8) Plants make their food through a process called  a) photosynthesis b) pregnancy c) hibernation 9) These are producers because they make their own food. a) plants b) humans c) animals 10) A plant's food is called a) minerals b) substances c) glucose




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