1) Small knife used to peel and cut vegetables and fruit. Suitable in the preparation of garnishes. ___________________________________ a) Butcher b) Santoku c) Palette d) Paring 2) Main knife; used to slice, chop and dice food. a) Chef b) Fillet c) Boning d) Utility 3) This knife has a thin flexible blade used to bone raw poultry and meat a) Utility b) Palette c) Boning d) Chef 4) Used to cut bread and baked goods. a) Butter b) Santoku c) Chef d) Serrated 5) Large blade used to cut and chop through bones. a) Cleaver b) Utility c) Chef d) Cheese 6) Palette knife – lift food for presentation, spread mixtures and scrape mixtures from bowls. a) Santoku b) Butter c) Chef d) Palette 7) A Japanese version of the chef knife a) Santoku b) Steak c) Paring d) Deba Bocho 8) Smaller and slimmer shape of a chef's knife; often used for coring fruit. a) Utility b) Paring c) Boning d) Cheese 9) Dull blade; used for cutting and applying butter, and cheese to various baked goods. a) Chef b) Serrated c) Butter d) Paring 10) Thinner than the boning knife; used to cut thin slices of fish. a) Serrated b) Paring c) Fillet d) Santoku




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