In January we celebrate New ____ Day on January 1st. In February there is the Primary School Performing Arts Festival which is a month ____ of song, dance, drama and poetry featuring the ____ of Saint Vincent and the ____. In the month of March we celebrate National ____ Month and ____ our national hero, Joseph ____ on Hero's Day which is on the ____. Depending on the period of ____ we celebrate Easter in March or April . There are 3 holidays during that time, ____ Friday, Easter ____ and Easter ____. Bequia also hosts its annual Easter ____. On the first of May we celebrate Labour Day. In this month Canouan also hosts its annual ____. There are ____ races, sports and games, calypso competitions, ____ jump ups and local ____ and beauty pageants. Union ____ hosts Maroon festival, Union which is an annual festival held three days before or three days after the full moon. It marks the start of the planting season. There are lots of fun activities to take part in. In June we celebrate ____ Monday which is also known as Pentecost Monday. It is a religious holiday like Good Friday and Easter Sunday and Monday. June is also the ____ of Vincy ____! For the month of July ____, revellers, musicians, ____ designers, calypsonians, soca artistes and onlookers, celebrate Vincy Mas. Communities all across the country host ____ carnivals as well. August 1st is Emancipation ____. We host events to ____ the abolition of ____ featuring cultural performances, lectures and exhibitions in memory of the resilience of our ____. September is Dance Festival Month. Schools, community groups and ____ companies showcase their ____ in modern, traditional, creative folk and ballroom dances. Performances are in solo, duet and ____. On October 27th we celebrate ____! We also host events like ____ Fest, SVG ____ & Blues Festival and the Independence Cycling Classic. November is National Tourism Month. Activities focusing on ____ awareness and education are held across the country. The National Drama Festival is also held in this month and ____, community groups and ____ companies present Acts and ____. Another traditional event of this month is to ____ and ____ our dead. Guy Fawkes Day as it is known in St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an annual celebration on the first and second. We celebrate this tradition by placing lit ____ on the ____ of our loved ones. Some popular activities of this tradition are ____ bursting , ____ displays and the lighting of huge ____. In December we celebrate Christmas! A Caribbean Christmas is like no other with a month full of traditional festivities, ____ contests, community ____ up and street concerts all across the country. Our ____ ____ Festival is an ____ festival ____ to Saint Vincent & The Grenadines. Starting just before ____, street concerts, ____, fun competitions, traditional and ____ pan music take place on each of the nine days before Christmas. Nine Morning is a big festival in various towns and ____ throughout the nation. ____ Day is on the 25th, ____ Day is on the 26th and New Year's ____ also known as ____ Year's Day is on the 31st. Across the country people celebrate in a big way by attending ____ services, fire works displays, public and private dinners parties and exchanging ____ with family, friends and loved ones.




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