1) Which of these food is healthy to eat? a) Fruits b) Candy c) Soda 2) Which of these can we do to keep the body healthy? a) Drink soda b) Eat junk food c) Exercise 3) Which of these food is unhealthy for us to eat?  a) Salad b) Pizza c) Fruits 4) To stay healthy we should exercise daily. a) True b) False 5) Select the foods that are good for the body. a) Candy b) Vegetables c) KFC d) Fruits 6) Select the foods that are unhealthy for the body. a) Rice b) Cake c) Chocolate d) Fish 7) When my body is tired I should ________ a) Rest b) Play games c) Watch TV 8) I should drink ____________ everyday. a) Soda b) Water  c) Juice 9) This picture shows a person eating healthy. a) True b) False 10) We should try to eat more healthy food everyday. a) False b) True

Keeping the Body Healthy




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