1) Which food is a Staple? a) Bread b) Peanut 2) Which food belongs to the food group Legumes? a) Apple b) Pigeon peas 3) Choose the one that is a dark green leafy vegetable. a) Callaloo b) Cassava 4) If I am eating from the food group fruits, which one do I choose? a) Tomato b) Peas 5) Which of the following is from the food from animals food group? a) Spinach b) Poultry 6) Choose the food item that belongs to fats and oils food group. a) Liver b) Butter 7) Choose the one that is the best source of Carbohydrates. a) b) 8) Which one do I eat for the best source of protein? a) b) 9) The best source of Iron. a) b) 10) Which of the food is highest in calcium? a) b)




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