1) The enslavement of the Tainos was begun by a) Christopher Columbus b) Bartolome de Las Casa c) Amerigo Vespucci 2) Which of the following was not a system under which Tainos were enslaved? a) Tribute system b) Encomienda c) Indentureship 3) The Spaniards aim to convert the Tainos to ____________. a) Islam b) Christianity c) Judaism 4) Who spoke out against the harsh treatment that the Tainos were facing at the hands of the Spaniards? a) Friar Antonio de Montesinos b) Friar Bartolome de las Casas c) Friar Diego Bartolome 5) _________________ suggested that Tainos be replaced by Africans from Guinea to work for the Spaniards. a) Bartolome de las Casas b) Antonio de Montesions c) Diego Bartolome 6) The suggestion to replace the Tainos with Africans from Guinea to work for the Spaniards was made in the year_____ a) 1514 b) 1515 c) 1516




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