1) When Tommy awoke in the afternoon, he did not know where he was because: a) he had been captured by the Redcoats. b) he had moved to a new village. c) he was not used to sleeping during the day. d) he could not see well. 2) Who was considered the leader of the group when the boys were on the hunt? a) Uriah b) Tommy c) Charlie d) Johnny e) David 3) Which of the following food items were NOT in Tommy's knapsack when he went on his hunting trip? a) roasted yam b) boiled sweet potatoes c) a river mullet d) cassava cakes 4) Bammies were: a) coconut strainers b) sleeveless shirts c) flat circular cakes d) knapsacks 5) Who was Juan de Bolas? a) A Redcoat soldier b) A great maroon chief c) A Spanish King d) A sun god 6) Tommy's knapsack was made out of the skin of: a) a wild pig b) a wild lion c) a wild tiger d) a wild boar 7) Which boy was displeased when Uriah addressed Tommy as thief? a) Charlie b) Johnny c) David d) Tommy 8) A picture of the sun rising behind a mountain was carved on Tommy's water bottle. The sun first represented: a) Tommy's father b) Tommy c) Tommy's grandfather d) The Chief 9) Which character was NOT mentioned in the story told by David? a) Brer Anancy b) Brer Tacoma c) Brer Bull d) Brer Coney 10) The Maroon village of Mountain Top was in the parish known as: a) St. Anne b) St. Catherine c) St. Mark d) St. John




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