1) Why did Maria jump through the window? a) Boy was chasing her. b) She saw Boy and was terrified. c) Boy pushed her through the window. 2) How did Boy know something was wrong in Grade 2? a) The students were shouting. b) The students touched him. c) A student jumped through the window. 3) The entire school was alerted because: a) Mrs Redmond fainted b) the Grade 2 students screamed c) the principal was angry and shouted 4) Why did Josh tell the principal that Boy was not a cow? a) Josh did not want to get punished. b) Josh was a male. c) Boy was a male. 5) What literary device is used in the following: Mrs Redmond was as pale as a chalky blackboard? a) simile b) metaphor c) personification 6) Where did Maria go after jumping through the window? a) Under the school b) Home c) Into her classroom 7) When Josh passed his teacher on the way out of the office, why couldn't he face her? a) He was the reason she was called to the office. b) He didn't want her to see the tears in his eyes. c) She had sent him to the office. 8) What literary device is used in the following: she was in the frying pan? a) onomatopoeia b) metaphor c) idiom 9) Why did Mrs Bernard come to the school? a) There was a PTA meeting. b) The principal sent for her. c) Her daughter was injured at school. 10) Whom did the principal blame for what had happened in the school? a) Josh Mahon b) Mrs Anthony c) Maria Bernard

A Cow Called Boy - Chapter 3 (There's a Cow in the School)




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