Mrs ____ questioned Mr Redmond about the ____ involving her daughter Maria. Mr Redmond used his "sweet ____" to console Maria, state how brave she was, and sing high praises of the way Mrs Bernard and her husband raised their children. He also gave Mrs Bernard the ____ that he would deal with Josh and summon his mother to inform her of the consequences if "that animal" returns to school again. This ____ Mrs Bernard and she left. Josh was recalled to the office and found Dr Cure-All, the principal's ____ awaiting him. Josh pretended to scream with every whack and the noise ____ Boy, who then raced the principal's window, running around and mooing. The principal went to see what was going on and after seeing Boy's actions, he quickly wrote a note for Josh to take to his ____. A crowd had gathered and even Maria Bernard was ____. Mr Redmond was furious and yelled at Josh to get Boy out of there. Josh took the note and ran towards Boy who ran to meet him. The children clapped, Josh bowed, waved and left. Mr Redmond sat down angry and totally ____.




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