alarmed - anxious or afraid that something dangerous or unpleasant might happen, anxious - feeling worried or nervous, amused - thinking that somebody/something is funny, so that you smile or laugh, ashamed - feeling shame or feeling embarrassed about somebody/something or because of something you have done, bitter - feeling angry and unhappy because you feel that you have been treated unfairly, content - happy and satisfied with what you have, disappointed - upset because something you hoped for has not happened or been as good, successful, disillusioned - disappointed because the person you admired or the idea you believed to be good and true now seems without value, envious - wanting to be in the same situation as somebody else; wanting something that somebody else has, frustrated - feeling annoyed and impatient because you cannot do or achieve what you want, hysterical - in a state of extreme excitement, and crying, laughing, etc. without any control, exasperated - extremely annoyed, especially if you cannot do anything to improve the situation, humiliated - to make somebody feel ashamed or stupid and lose the respect of other people, indecisive - not able to make decisions quickly and effectively, irritated - annoyed or angry, furious - with great energy, speed or anger, miserable - always unhappy, unfriendly and in a bad mood, stunned - very surprised or shocked; showing this, upbeat - positive and enthusiastic; making you feel that the future will be good,

2A. Solutions upper-intermediate


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