1) Everyday around the world, tobacco use kills the equivalent of? a) A 10 screen cinema full of movie watchers b) All of the pupils in your school c) 32 jumbo jets, full of passengers d) The Wembley arena, full of spectators 2) Nicotine found in cigarettes is as addictive as which other drug? a) Cannabis b) Heroin c) Ecstasy d) Alcohol 3) With every puff of a cigarette a smoker breathes in how many different chemicals? a) 40 b) 400 c) 4000 d) 40,000 4) For a full day’s work child tobacco pickers in Africa are paid as little as? a) 1p per hour b) 11p per hour c) £1 per hour d) £2.50 per hour 5) Who were reported as saying, "The base of our business is the high school studet"? a) HMV b) Toys r us c) McDonalds d) Tobacco company bosses 6) The health damage from a 1 hour Shisha smoking session is the same as smoking how many cigarettes? a) 1-10 b) 20-30 c) 50-60 d) 100-200

2a-Quiz Primary School

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