1) What's Frida Kahlo nationality? a) American b) Spanish c) Mexican d) Italian 2) What are the most famous paintings about Frida Kahlo? a) Mexican traditions b) Self-portraits c) Portraits about her husband  d) American places 3) How many sisters have Frida Kahlo? a) Six b) She hasn't got sisters c) Two d) Seven 4) Before became an artist, Frida Kahlo wanted to be... a) Teacher b) She didn't want to work c) Painter d) Doctor 5) What was the emotion that Frida Kahlo often painted ? a) Sadness b) Homesick c) Hapiness d) Pain 6) Complete the sentence: Frida Kahlo painted... a) Mexican traditions b) Dramatic symbols c) Bright colours d) All of them are correct




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