1) An animal that eats the flesh of other animals. a) omnivore b) herbivore c) mammal d) carnivore 2) An animal with two wings, two feet, and feathers. a) mammal b) bird c) amphibian d) reptile 3) An animal that only feeds on plants. a) bird b) carnivore c) herbivore d) omnivore 4) Any animal that has hair and feeds its babies with milk from the mother. a) fish b) mammal c) bird d) amphibian 5) An animal that is born in water and then lives on land for parts of its life a) bird b) reptile c) amphibian d) fish 6) An animal that lives in water and does not breathe air. They have bones inside their bodies and scales on their skin. a) reptile b) fish c) amphibian d) mammal 7) An animal that lives on a diet of both plant and animal food. a) carnivore b) herbivore c) mammal d) omnivore 8) A kind of animal whose body temperature depends on the air or water around it. a) fish b) amphibian c) reptile d) mammal




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