True: Peer to Peer network is easy and cheap to build, Client Sever network operation is managed from a central location, P2P network does not require specialist software, Client server network stores all clients' files and folders centrally on server drives, Client server network requires specialist equipment and software, In client server network if one computer fails it does not disrupt the rest, In client server failure of the server will affect the operation of the entire network, False: P2P network is more secure than Client server network, In P2P network data files are held centrally, Client server network is less costly to build, P2P network requires specialist staff to run, Client server network is limited to no more than 10 users, P2P network offers better network security than client server one, P2P can connect more than 50 PCs without affecting the performance,

Pros and cons of Peer to Peer (P2P) and Client Server (CS) networks




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