6 Years : Threads a large eyed needle, Sews large stitches, Clear handwriting, Compares self with others, Is more aware of the feelings and needs of others, Confidence is shaken by failure, 7 Years: Can conserve quantities and numbers, Completes a simple maze, Is starting to tell the time, Understands the need for and uses rules, Mastered the basics of reading and writing, Has strong friendships often of the same gender, Understands that others have different viewpoints than them, Reads facial expressions of others accurately, 8 Years: Hops, skips and jumps confidently, Dodges and swerves when running, Balances on a beam, Rides a bicycle, Uses roller skates, Swims, Ties and unties shoelaces, Recognises numbers to 100, Does simple calculations, Shows simple reasoning, Uses language to reason and explain ideas, Understands and enjoys jokes and riddles, Asks what, when, where, how and why questions,

Expected development 6 - 8 year olds





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