Do you go to the gym?, Does she go to the gym?, Did they go to the gym?, Will we go to the gym?, Am I going to go to the gym?, Is he going to go to the gym?, Are they going to the gym?, Are you going to the gym?, Don't you want to go to the gym with me today?, Didn't you go to the gym with him last week?, Won't they go to the gym tonight?, Aren't we going to go to the gym tomorrow morning?, Aren't we going to the gym on Friday?, I do not want to go to the gym only once a week, I want to go every day., We don't need to go to the gym on Sundays, but we can If we want to., He doesn't like to go to the gym, he likes to go dancing., She does not have to go the gym every day, but she does it anyway., We did not have to go on the weekend, but we wanted to., They didn't choose to go there every day, they had to., I went to the gym every weekday for 2 years., She went to the gym with her friends last Tuesday morning., He wanted to go, but he didn't have time., We did some exercise in the morning., They didn't do the exercise at night., She will not work out next week because she needs to have a surgery., He will start working out on Monday., We won't have time to exercise during the trip., They won't work out this week., I am going to work out 5 times a week., I'm not going to work out on the weekend, only on weekdays..




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