1) What is a resource? a) anything we use that is found in nature b) teddy bear c) a road 2) Which picture is a natural resource ? a) water b) cars c) houses 3) ___________- is not a natural resource.  a) sand b) wind c) school 4) Which picture is a non renewable resource? a) water b) trees c) gold 5) _________ is a renewable resource. a) sun b) diamond c) oil 6) Renewable resources ______________. a) replace them selves b) runs out c) I can take all for my self 7) I can take care of my environment by.. a) littering b) wasting water c) using less vehicles 8) _______________ damages our environment. a) lighting fires b) using rechargeable cars c) throwing my trash in the bin 9) Non renewable resources ____ a) does not replace themselves b) are always available c) are not important 10) This is a picture of a ____________ resource a) renewable resource b) non renewable resource c) a chocolate bar




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