1) Granny likes ripe mangoes.  a) mangoes  b) likes c) granny 2) My daddy can dance to Soca music.  a) dance b) soca c) to 3) The boys are pitching marbles in the school yard.  a) the b) marbles c) are pitching  4) My mother buys the Searchlight newspaper. a) buys b) mother c) newspaper 5) Can you play football today? a) can b) today c) play 6) Do not walk on the grass! a) walk b) grass c) not 7) Please pass me the milk.  a) milk b) pass c) please  8) The hungry girl searched for food everywhere. a) hungry b) searched c) food 9) My friend reads about fairies.  a) friend b) fairies c) reads 10) Skinny Fabulous sings on the stage.  a) Skinny Fabulous b) sings c) stage




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