1) What type of change is happening here? is it a physical change or a chemical change? 2) A block of ice was left out in the sun for o10 minutes. Do you think this ice would stay the same? if it changes what would be the type of change? 3) Joe, the lumberjack is chopping wood. What type of change is occurring to the pieces of wood? 4) Dr. D has mixed coca-cola and mentos together. This causes the coca-cola to suddenly fizz and overflow. What type of change has occurred? 5) Look at these candles! They have burned down to almost a stump! What type of change has occurred? 6) Look at this can. Has it changed physically or chemically? 7) What is a physical change in matter? 8) What is a chemical change in matter? 9) What type of change has this nail gone through? a physical change or. a chemical change? 10) Give one example of a physical change in matter and one example of a chemical change in matter.


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