1) I am a quadrangle with all sides equal. a) rectangle b) trapezium c) square 2) I am a 2D shape however I am not a polygon. a) cylinder b) circle c) pentagon 3) A 2D shapes with equal 7 sides a) regular heptagon b) irregular octagon c) irregular septagon 4) A triangle with all equal angles is called a/an _________________ a) equiangular triangle b) equilateral triangle c) right angle 5) Select the correct fact about the trapezium a) I have 2 equal sides and 2 right angles. b) I have 4 sides and one pair of parallel sides c) I have 3 straight sides and one curved edge 6) A triangle with 3 unequal sides is called a _________________ a) isosceles triangle b) equilateral triangle c) scalene triangle 7) A square is also a __________________ a) Circle b) rhombus c) trapazoid 8) The point where 2 sides meet is called a _____________ a) angle b) edge c) vertex 9) A ________________ is formed when 3 or more segments form a closed shape a) open figure b) polygon c) dimension 10) All angles in a triangle must add up to a) 180º b) 360º c) 270º




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