1) The image below shows? a) Coat of Arms b) National Bird c) National Flag 2) The image depicts our __________. a) National Drink b) Coat of Arms c) Petroglyphs 3) What is the name of our National Drink? a) Golden Apple Juice b) Mauby c) Lime Squash 4) What is the name of this parrot? a) Tweety b) Amazona Guildingii c) Rio 5) These stones have drawings from our ancestors, what are they called? a) Petroglyphs  b) Art c) Pictures 6) The image below shows our___________. a) National Flag b) National Flower c) National Dress 7) This is our national dish. What is its name? a) Pealu b) KFC c) Roasted Breadfruit and Fried Jackfish 8) This man is our national hero, who is he? a) Dr. Ralph E Gonsalves b) Dr.Godwin Friday c) Joseph Chatoyer 9) "Our loyalty and love and vow to keep you ever free." Is a line from our___________.  a) National Pledge b) National Poem c) National Anthem 10) "My loyalty and devotion" Is a line from our________. a) National Story b) National Pledge c) National Anthem




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