Създаване на по-добри уроци по-бързо
Death Valley - It’s the lowest point, Mississippi  - It runs through 10 states, Aloha State - It’s Hawaii, The Last Frontier - It’s Alaska, Niagara Falls - It’s between Canada and the USA, The White House - US President’s home, Mount McKinley - It’s the highest point, DC - It means District of Columbia, Hawaii - It’s an archipelago, Alaska - It’s the largest US state, The Great Lakes - They’re on the Canada-USA border, 4 time zones - They’re in the contiguous states, 6 time zones - They’re among the 50 states, Hurricanes - They’re frequent in the south east , In the south west - It’s very hot and dry, In the north east - It’s freezing cold, In the southern states - It’s hot and humid, Deserts - They’re in the west, Tropical beaches - They’re in Florida, The Arctic landscape - It’s in Alaska, Prairies - They’re in the central plain, Grand Canyon - It’s in the west, The hottest temperature - It was measured in Death Valley, The coldest temperatures - They are always measured in Alaska, New York - It’s the biggest city, Washington DC - It’s the capital city, The USA - It’s a federal republic, The US flag - It’s called Stars and Stripes, 13 stripes - They represent the original states , 50 stars - They represent the current states,


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