1) Three of these activities are healthy for you to do, which ones? (Tick 3) a) jogging b) watching TV c) swimming d) walking 2) Which of these foods would not be a healthy option of a balanced diet? a) vegetables b) sweets c) bread d) potatoes 3) Which of these images show offspring? a) polar bear b) cat c) dog d) kangeroo 4) How would you know that you have had a successful workout or exercise? a) You are happy. b) You feel ill. c) You are out of breath. d) You want to cry. 5) Which of these images show examples of protein? a) chicken pieces b) buttered toast c) sweets d) spaghetti 6) Which of these foods contain high levels of carbohydrate? (Tick 2) a) steak b) spaghetti c) fish d) roast potato e) cheese 7) Which of these foods contain fats? (Tick 3)  a) bread b) butter c) cheese d) bacon 8) What does nutrition mean? a) A type of chocolate bar. b) The process of converting food into energy. c) A place that food can be found. d) It is a bunch of bananas 9) If an animal has no survival chances, because it’s been over hunted for example, what would the outcome be for that species. a) It get to live in a zoo. b) It will hide away for safety. c) it will cost more to see one. d) It will become extinct. 10) When we wash, brush our teeth, comb out hair, this is known as taking care of our, what? a) pets b) personal hygiene c) granny d) new car

Healthy Living quiz Year 2




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