1) What must be included in an OS end-to-end test plan? a) The result of each test is recorded b) Any test failure cause c) Corrective action in the event of a pass d) Pass and fail criteria for later use 2) What is a key part of an end-to-end test plan? a) Select what is tested b) Test as documented in the test plan c) Outline the approach on how to carry out the test plan d) Outline the scope of the test plan 3) An anti-malware tool is mainly used to protect against a) Non encrypted software b) Hacking c) Malicious software d) Blocking unwanted IP  4) Which port enables a firewall configuration for securing web traffic? a) 21 b) 23 c) 80 d) 443 5) Which port needs to be opened on the network to allow remote desktop connection? a) 80 b) 88 c) 3389 d) 8088 6) Which one of the following best describes the role of 'groups' when setting member permissions to use a system resource? a) Users can only be a member of a single group on any computer system b) Users can override their group rights  c) A collection of users with the same inherited rights d) Some groups can be merged to form superusers on some systems. 7) Which one of the following is the most likely reason to wipe a secure mobile device remotely? a) It has been handed to the police as lost property b) It has been lost on public transport c) It has been left at the user’s home d) It has been left in a secure office 8) Which tool is used to deploy software updates to mobile devices remotely? a) Mobile operating system updates b) User configuration tools c) Mobile Device Management (MDM) d) Remote push notification 9) Which of the following is not a characteristic of a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? a) It is a secure network b) It is deployed over a shared infrastructure c) It may use tunnelling techniques d) It does not provide any cost savings to alternate connectivity options 10) What is the main characteristic of voice over IP (VOIP)? a) Transfers calls between landline phones only b) Transfers calls between mobiles phones only c) Converts voice to digital data to be sent over the internet d) Processes video calls only 11) A local business network operates with an average data transfer speed of 900 Mb/s (Mega bits per second). Due to some issues with switches the average network speed dropped by a 1/5. What is the operating data speed following this problem? a) 800 Mb/s b) 450 Mb/s c) 720 Mb/s d) 750 Mb/s 12) A VPN provider charges £8 subscription per user. A discount of 20% is given for 30 users or more. What is the total subscription cost of 40 users after discount? a) 200 b) 300 c) 256 d) 175

Module 2 - OS and Remote Service Management




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