1) Monkey and the elephants are next to the ______ a) river b) school c) park 2) We ______across the river on Monday. a) run b) fly c) swim 3) Whose mangoes _____ these? a) is b) are 4) "I like _______" - thinks Monkey. a) sweets b) chocolate c) mangoes 5) Are there any ______ in the water? a) mangoes b) stones c) leaves 6) Now there _____ three stones in the bag. a) is b) are 7) There ______ any mangoes! a) isn't b) aren't 8) Big Elephant is ______. a) happy b) tired c) angry 9) The animals run and there is a lot of _____ a) dust b) snow 10) We like our _____ mangoes! a) green b) sweet c) bad

Academy Stars 2. Unit 3. Our sweet mangoes Quiz




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