1) Which words have a closed syllable? a) hi b) ply c) sly d) sky e) at f) up 2) Which words follow the Kiss the Cat rule a) tap b) coffee c) bliss d) kelp e) mat f) Kelly 3) Which words follow the Milk Truck rule? a) track b) split c) trick d) kiss e) elk f) cat 4) Which words follow the Catch the Lunch rule? a) thick b) snitch c) trick d) stench e) crocus f) blacken 5) Which words contain a unit? a) small b) think c) luck d) child e) open f) post 6) Which words follow the cry Baby Rule? a) smoky b) ply c) tricky d) sky e) crocus f) blacken 7)  Which words follow the Picnic Chicken Basket Rule? a) hectic b) happy c) napkin d) spoken e) recant f) baby 8) Which words follow Happy Rule? a) traffic b) rubbish c) tidy d) gramy e) lofy f) hiccup 9) Which words follow the Almost All, and the No Exs or No Eggs a) public b) almost c) salt d) exist e) ex pli cit f) blacken 10) Which words follow the Campus Confess Rule? a) discuss b) success c) rubbish d) crisis e) census f) hiccup 11) Which words follow the Confident Enemy Rule? a) unity b) elegant c) detriment d) all e) almost f) element 12) Which words follow the Music Trick rule? a) frantic b) rotunda c) vendetta d) comma e) drastic f) Atlantic 13) Which words follow the Banana Rule? a) aristocrat b) rotunda c) vendetta d) comma e) happy f) confess 14) Which words follow are Open Syllables? a) pop b) for c) ball d) go e) hi f) pro 15) Which words follow the Texas Blossom Rule? a) bacon b) custom c) Kansas d) blatant e) gospel f) pretzel 16) Which words follow the Cancel Pencil Rule? a) pretzel b) Texas c) pistol d) fossil e) metal f) blatant 17) What your favorite rule from Book 3? a) Milk Truck b) Catch the Lunch c) Kiss the Cat d) Units e) None 18) What your favorite rule from Book 4? a) Schwa (Campus Confess, Texas Blossom, Cancel Pencil, Confident, Banana,) b) Almost All, No Eggs or No Exs, c) Cry Baby d) Music Trick or Picnic Chicken Basket Rule e) None f) Happy

Barton Level 3 and 4: Review Quiz (Which Words Follow the Rule)


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