artist - He can paint and draw beautiful pictures, builder - Would you prefer live in a house or in a flat? Mr Glue can build modern house for your family., bus driver - Are you late for school? Take a bus and you`ll arrive on time., doctor - Are you sick today? I can help you., farmer - Let`s grow plants together. I can show you how to plant tomatoes or cucumbers., footballer - Come on! Join our team and let`s play together!, nurse - I look after sick people and help doctor., office worker - I need to send these e-mails in 20 minutes., shop assistant - Can I help you choose fresh fruit and vegetables?, singer - Would you like to hear my new song?, teacher - Good morning. Open your dictionaries. Today we learn a lot of new words., vet - Your cat needs new cat`s food. Try Wiskas, it`s good one., pilot - Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Today we are going to travel to London. , police officer - Freeze. Hands up and don't move!, chef - Would you rather tomato or pumpkin soup?,

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