1) Which part of the potato contains the most nutrients? a) the skin b) the flesh c) the roots d) the stem e) the leaves 2) A potato is high in which vitamin? a) A b) B c) C d) D e) E f) K 3) Which of these processes (skills) are not used when making mashed potato? a) dicing b) mashing c) grilling d) boiling e) peeling 4) Which section of the Eatwell Guide does a potato belong to a) fruit & vegetables b) oils & spreads c) carbohydrates d) dairy & alternatives e) proteins & alternatives 5) Which nutrients are not found in potatoes a) carbohydrates b) proteins c) fat d) vitamins e) minerals 6) Starchy foods should make up what percentage (%) of a healthy diet?  a) 100 b) 38 c) 40 d) 8 e) 50 f) 67 7) How are carbohydrates used by your body? a) strengthening bones & teeth b) repair muscle tissue & growth c) slow burning energy d) insulation e) quick burning energy 8) Why are potatoes sometimes boiled before roasting? a) give them a better flavour b) removes the skin c) increases vitamins & minerals d) give a fluffy interior e) lower their salt content 9) Which of the following is not made from potatoes? a) rosti b) dauphinoise c) duchess d) risotto e) gnocchi 10) Eating the skin of the potato provides the body with a good source of ....... a) starch b) fibre c) vitamins d) protein e) minerals




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