1) Digestion starts in the a) mouth b) stomach c) small intestines d) pancreas e) large intestines 2) The complete digestion of food occurs in _______ stages. a) 4 b) 3 c) 6 d) 5 3) The very first stage of the digestive process is a) Propulsion b) Mastication c) Defecation d) Ingestion e) Absorption 4) The final stage of the digestive process is a) Assimilation b) Defecation c) Ingestion d) Absorption 5) Which below is NOT a main part of the digestive system? a) Stomach b) Mouth c) Intestines d) Liver 6) All of the following are accessory organs EXCEPT a) Liver b) Pancreas c) Gullet d) Salivary glands 7) Mastication of food takes place in the a) Stomach b) Gullet c) Mouth d) Colon 8) Segmentation occurs in the a) Colon b) Stomach c) Gullet d) Liver 9) Peristalsis occurs in the a) Anus b) Gullet c) Colon d) Stomach 10) Which statement is FALSE concerning the ileum? a) It has finger-like projections called villi. b) It has a large surface area. c) Absorption of fat and fat soluble vitamins occurs in the lacteal. d) Absorption of all nutrients occurs in the bloodstream 11) Which enzyme works best at acidic pH? a) Lipase b) Sucrase c) Renin d) Trypsin 12) Which enzyme works best in slightly alkaline conditions? a) Amylase b) Renin c) Peptidase d) Pepsin 13) Which TWO organs produce and secrete amylase? a) Salivary glands and stomach b) Gullet and intestines c) Salivary glands and pancreas d) Pancreas and Duodenum 14) Which TWO enzymes works best at a pH of 1? a) Lipase and Trypsin b) Amylase and Pepsin c) Maltase and Sucrase d) Pepsin and Renin 15) Which below is not an enzyme? a) Saliva b) Amylase c) Maltase d) Pepsin e) Lipase f) Sucrase 16) Which digestive juice is made by in the stomach? a) Gastric juice b) Saliva c) Bile d) Pancreatic juice 17) Which below is NOT a role of bile? a) Emulsifies fat. b) Activates the pancreatic enzymes. c) Converts polypetides to peptides. d) Neutralises the acid in chyme. 18) Which sphincter muscle is located at the base of the stomach? a) Pyloric b) Upper esophageal c) Lower esophageal d) External anal  19) Which statement below is FALSE? a) After mastication, the food is rolled into a bolus. b) The pharynx is located between the oral cavity and gullet. c) The mucosa of the stomach secretes mucus to line and lubricate the walls. d) Bile is made in the gall bladder and stored in the duodenum. e) The gut bacteria in the colon breaks down fibers in the undigested food to make Vitamin B and K. 20) Sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline substance? a) True b) False




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