1) Melyik szóra utal a magyarázat? – It has got four legs. a) an elephant b) a snake c) tigers d) a table 2) Melyik szóra utal a magyarázat? – You can eat it. a) meat b) ham c) fork d) raise 3) Melyik szóra utal a magyarázat? – A part of a house. a) kithcen b) chinmey c) door d) window 4) Melyik az ellentéte? SHORT – __________ a) big b) long c) small d) tall 5) My brother is my father’s __________ . a) son b) children c) daughter d) sister 6) Melyik igealak helyes? a) writting b) putting c) eating d) haveing 7) Are you sleepy? a) Yes, we’re. b) Yes, I’m. c) No, we aren’t. d) Not, I am. 8) Melyik mondat helyes? a) What are they drinking? b) Who is siting on my chair? c) Where is the dogs sleeping? d) Where are they reading? 9) Mice often __________ cheese. a) is eating b) eat c) eats d) don’t eats 10) He __________ an email every day. a) ’s writeing b) gets c) write d) is sending 11) Melyik kérdés helyes? a) Where does lives Mary? b) Where lives Mary? c) Where doesn’t Mary lives? d) Where does Mary live? 12) He can’t see __________ . a) anything b) the photo c) the d) your 13) __________ do you read magazines? a) Why b) Where c) How often d) Which 14) They’re __________ pens. a) my b) he’s c) the girls’ d) my sister’s 15) Melyik számnév helyes? a) fourty-four b) fourteen c) thirty-tree d) fiveteen 16) You can see it in London. Melyik szóra utal a magyarázat? a) Big Ben b) The Eiffel Tower c) The London Eye d) Oxford 17) The Queen of England lives in ___________ . a) Big Ben b) the Houses of Parliament c) Buckingham Palace d) the Tower of London 18) ___________ is an English-speaking country. a) London b) Austria c) Australia d) England 19) Oxford is ___________ . a) in Europe b) in England c) a country d) in Britian 20) It is lunchtime, 12 o’clock in Budapest. What is the time in London? a) 12 o’clock b) 1 pm c) 11 o’clock d) 10 o’clock





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