1) What is a prefix in metric systems?  a) It is a number that is written at the beginning of every word  b) It is a group of letters that is written at the beginning of a S.I. unit in order to change it's meaning  c) It is a physical property that is fixed before hand.  d) It is a word written before another word 2) The prefix kilo - in kilometre means... a) the number of digits contained in a metre  b) mass in kilograms c) distance in kilometres  d) 1000 3) To what power is the base 10 raised in the prefix nano -? a) -7 b) 9 c) -9 d) -6 4) Which statement distinguishes between a multiple and a submultiple? a) In a multiple the base 10 is raised to a positive power while in a submultiple the base 10 is raised to a negative power. b) A multiple is a number that is obtained by dividing two numbers while a submultiple is a number that is obtained by multiplying two numbers . c) A multiple is prefix of a positive number while a submultiple is a prefix of a negative number. d) A multiple increases the number of digits while the submultiple reduces the number of digits in a particular figure. 5) Order the units gigabyte,terabyte,megabyte,and kilobyte from least to greatest. a) Kilobyte, gigabyte,megabyte,terabyte b) Terabyte, gigabyte,megabyte,kilobyte c) Kilobyte, megabyte,gigabyte,terabyte d) Terabyte, megabyte,gigabyte,kilobyte 6) One of the following is the smallest unit. Which one is this? a) Millimeter b) Micrometer c) Centimeter d) Decimeter 7) Using powers of ten, convert 5.7 gigawatts to watts. a) 5.7 ⤫ 109 b) 5.7 ⤫ 1010 c) 57 ⤫ 109 d) 5.7 ⤫ 1012 8) To what power is the base 10 raised for the prefix mega-? a) 2 b) 3 c) 5 d) 6 9) When kilo- in 987.500 kilograms is replaced with milli- it gives  a) 0.0007859 b) 0.0009875 kilograms c) 0.05789 d) 587900 10) A pupil folds a 1 meter wire into 10, 000 parts of equal length. What is the length of each fold? a) 0.01 millimeters b) 0.1 millimeters c) 0.9 millimeters d) 10 millimeters

System international of units - Recognise prefixes, multiples and submultiples of fundamental and derived units




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