A ____ in metric systems is a group of letters that is written at the beginning of a S.I. unit in order to change its meaning A ____ is a prefix that means 0.001 There are ____ in 2.57 millimeters When kilo- in 5600 kilograms is replaced with milli- it gives ____ kilograms A grade 10 pupil of Kabulonga Girls Secondary School cuts a 1 meter wire along its length into 10, 000 pieces so that each piece can have a length equal to ____. The base 10 is raised to the power 12 for a prefix called ____ A ____ of an S.I - unit is a base of 10 raised to some negative index that divides into 1 an exact number of times The base 10 is raised to ____ in the prefix nano In a multiple the base 10 is raised to a ____ while in a submultiple the base 10 is raised to a ____ The prefix ____ means 1000

System international of units - Recognise prefixes, multiples and submultiples of fundamental and derived units 2.




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