1) What does international system (S.I.) of units refers to? a) It refers to the standard metric system of units agreed upon to be used internationally b) It refers to the symmetric intersection of two or more lines c) it refers to the change of units of basic quantities to units of derived quantities d) It refers to units of derived quantities. 2) A base S.I. - unit is... a) the set of units in the metric system of measurement that is based on derived quantities b) the standard for expressing the measurement of a base quantity within the international system of units. c) the unit of mass only d) the units that have been agreed upon by the international community 3) Which one of the following correctly states the base S.I. unit of temperature? a) Degrees Celsius  b) Degrees Fahrenheit c) Degrees Rankine d) Kelvin 4) ....... is a set of base S.I. - units a) Kilogram, gram, kelvin, mole and minute b) Pascal, ampere, candella, meter and second c) Kilogram, kelvin, mole, second and candella d) Candella, Newton, tonne, square meter and rankine 5) the physical quantity for which the base SI unit is candella is called a) lux b) lumen c) luminous intensity d) Debye 6) Express a Newton as a function of base units. a) Kg.m/ s2 b) Kg.a c) Kg/ s2 d) Kg.m/s 7) Which of the following best explains why the kelvin is the SI unit of temperature? a) The kelvin was the first unit of temperature to be devised. b) A change of 1 kelvin is smaller than a change of 1 degree Celsius. c) A change 0.1 kelvin produces a larger value of degree rankine d) A temperature of zero kelvins is the minimum possible temperature. 8) The symbol for kilojoule as an unit of energy is a) Kl b) Kj c) Kg d) Ko 9) Which of the following SI units is defined by reference to the properties of a unique, standard object held at the International Bureau of Weights and Measures? a) The meter b) The kilogram c) The steradian d) The mole 10) The physical quantity that has the SI unit mole is identified as..... a) radiant intensity b) luminous flux c) luminous intensity d) amount of a substance

System international of units - Identify basic units and derived units.




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