The physical quantity for which the base S.I. - unit is ____ is known as luminous intensity. A meter is the S.I. - unit of the basic quantity called ____ The derived S.I. - unit of force, a ____, can be obtained by combining three base units namely mass, length and time. The symbol for ____ which is the base S.I. unit of electric current is A. A meter divided by the square of a ____ gives acceleration. A ____ S.I. - unit is the standard metric system of measurement that cannot be expressed interms of other S.I. - units The abbreviation S.I. with respect to units stands for ____ ____ is the base S.I. unit of temperature. ____ is a set of base S.I. - units The symbol for kilogram as an S.I. - unit of mass is ____

System international of units - Identify basic units and derived units 2




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