1) What is the correct reading shown by the 15 centimeter rule in the insert figure on the left? a) 2 cm b) 3 cm c) 4 cm d) 5 cm 2) Find the reading of the vernier caliper in the insert figure on the left. a) 0.0965 cm b) 0.1965 cm c) 0.965 cm d) 9.65 cm 3) The correct reading of the micrometer screw gauge in the insert figure on the left is... a) 6.74 mm b) 7.24 mm c) 7.50 mm d) 7.74 mm 4) Which statement is the precaution that needs to be observed when using the micrometer screw gauge? a) Avoid over-tightening the thimble, which could damage either the micrometer or the item clamped between spindle and anvil. b) Avoid touching the instrument with bear hands as it may cause injury. c) Make sure the object is clamped tightly between anvil and spindle. d) Make sure oil is applied between anvil and spindle before using the instrument. 5) The accuracy of the vernier calipers is... a) 0.01 mm b) 0.01 cm c) 0.1 cm d) 1 cm 6) Which one of the following is the correct use of the micrometer screw gauge? a) Measuring thickness of hair strand. b) Measuring length of the wooden block. c) Measuring internal diameter of a cylindrical tin. d) Measuring external diameter of the water pipe 7) What is the meaning of parallax in measurements? a) The change in the direction of motion b) The intersection of lines of sight. c) The movement made by the observer when taking readings. d) The apparent appearance of a point relative to the observer's eye. 8) The micrometer screw gauge and the vernier caliper differs by .... a) the size of objects that they can measure. b) the physical quantities that they can measure. c) the accuracy of measurement that they can take.  d) the number of scales on each instrument. 9) Which instrument would you advise the civil engineer to use when determining both the internal and external diameters of the water pipe? a) Micrometer screw gauge b) Meter rule c) divider d) Vernier calipers 10) What is the function of the ratchet on the micrometer screw gauge? a) To adjust the anvil b) To advance the screw by turning it till the object is gently held between the anvil and the spindle of the screw. c) To rotate the sleeve scale d) To compress an object

Length and time - Demonstrate the use of various measuring instruments to determine length




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