1) What is the reading of the wall clock shown in the insert figure on the left during pm? a) 08 hours 11 minutes and 65 seconds b) 09 hours 11 minutes and 15 seconds c) 20 hours 21 minutes and 5 seconds d) 21 hours 21 minutes and 5 seconds 2) The time difference between clock 1 and clock 2 is 2 hours 20 minutes. If clock 2 reads 10 hours 40 minutes in the morning, find the reading of clock 1. a) 08 hours 20 minutes am b) 08 hours 20 minutes pm c) 13 hours am d) 15 hours am 3) In a wall clock the seconds arm is the... a) biggest b) shortest c) second longest d) longest 4) A wall clock has a total of... a) 45 seconds b) 60 seconds c) 60 hours d) 24 days 5) How many seconds are obtained from 6 hours? a) 21 600 s b) 42 600 s c) 46 600 s d) 50000 s 6) What is time? a) It is the change in events that are taking place. b) It is the duration of an event starting from the beginning to the end. c) It is the difference between two activities. d) It is the money obtained. 7) Find the period of simple pendulum shown in the insert figure on the left. Take acceleration due to gravity ‘g’as 10m/s2. a) 0.7 s b) 0.9 s c) 1.4 s d) 1.6 s 8) What is the amplitude of the pendulum bob that is displaced from 10 cm to 20 cm relative to the ground? a) 4 cm b) 8 cm c) 10 cm d) 20 cm 9) Calculate the frequency of the pendulum bob that is allowed to make 28 complete oscillations in 18 seconds. a) 0.64 Hz b) 0.80 Hz c) 1.23 Hz d) 1.56 Hz 10) Which one of the following statements is true about frequency of oscillation? a) It is the number of cycles made by the pendulum bob in one second. b) It is the time taken for the pendulum bob to make one complete cycle. c) It is the maximum displacement of the pendulum bob from its rest position. d) It is the length from the center of pendulum bob to the fixed position.

Length and Time - Demonstrate the use of clocks and devices for measuring an interval of time




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