Strip Planting - Involves planting narrow strips of two or more different crops alternatively., Contour Ploughing - Crops are planted along the contour or curves of the landscape; particularly over slopes., Terracing - Banks (or steps) are built into the hillside creating flat areas for planting crops., Crop Rotation - A different crop is grown with each planting season., Greenhouse farming - The crops are planted in a greenhouse., Hydroponics - Crops are grown in a nutrient-filled solution instead of soil., Tissue Culture - Crops are grown from tissue samples of the plant, in a special medium containing nutrients and plant hormones., Organic Farming - A form of agriculture that uses techniques such as crop rotation, biological pest control and natural fertilisers., Rooftop Farming - Method commonly used when there is limited space available for farming., Indoor Farming - Crops are grown in apartment or skyscraper buildings.,




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