1) Exercise has only positive effects on the body. a) True b) False 2) All of the following are advantages of exercise EXCEPT a) Boost your mood. b) Improves cardiovascular health. c) Improves respiratory health. d) Improves and maintains mental health. e) Causes the body to wear and tear. f) Lower one's risk of cancers. 3) Jogging, dancing, swimming, tennis and basketball are all examples of exercises which build ______________. a) strength b) endurance c) balance d) flexibility 4) Lifting weights, gripping balls, arm curls, push ups are exercises which build ___________________. a) balance b) endurance c) strength d) flexibility 5) Which statement is TRUE concerning stretches? It builds a) endurance b) flexibility c) strength d) balance 6) Standing on one foot helps you to develop a) balance b) flexibility c) endurance d) strength 7) All of the following are ways exercise helps improve respiratory health EXCEPT a) strengthens the lung. b) improves lung capacity. c) increases breathing rate. d) Aids motility of food. 8) Which is NOT a mental health benefit of exercise? a) It boosts your mood. b) It improves memory and cognition. c) It reduces anxiety and depression. d) It builds blood. 9) This type of exercise builds a) endurance b) balance c) strength d) flexibilty 10) This type of exercise builds a) flexibilty b) balance c) strength d) endurance




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