1) A grade 10 pupil wanted to measure the mass of a stone in an experiment to determine its density. Which instrument would she find suitable to use? a) Electronic beam balance  b) Spring balance c) Bathroom scale d) Kitchen scale 2) The weight of the stone was found to be 300N. Take g = 10N/Kg find the mass of the stone in grams. a) 3, 000g b) 3, 300g c) 30, 000g d) 45, 000g 3) Which pair correctly states the name of instrument given in the insert figure and the corresponding physical quantity that it measures? a) Kitchen scale and weight b) Spring balance and weight  c) Triple beam balance and mass d) Beam balance and mass  4) Choose the correct name of instrument in the insert figure and corresponding physical quantity it measures. a) bathroom scale and mass  b) spring balance and weight  c) triple beam balance and weight d) digital scale and mass  5) What is the reading in Kg of the triple beam balance shown in the insert image? a) 0.300Kg b) 0.411Kg c) 0.542Kg d) 542Kg 6) The formula of weight is... a) W = m x g b) W = m/ g c) W = g/ m d) W = m - g 7) What is the reading in Newton of the spring balance? a) 0.1N b) 0.5N c) 5N d) 50N 8) The mass of a toy car is 5Kg. Given g = 10N/Kg, find the weight of the toy car. a) 5N b) 10N c) 25N d) 50N 9) What mass would produce a weight of 210N on the moon?  a) 15N b) 112N c) 123N d) 131.25N 10) The mass of a car on Earth where gravity is 10N/kg is 25Kg while that of another toy car on the moon where gravity is 1.7N/kg is 25Kg too. Calculate the total weight of both the cars..  a) 42.5N b) 85N c) 292.5N d) 500N

Mass and Weight - Demonstrate how to measure mass and weight




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