1) An accessorie which people usually wears on the wrist (arm). a) ring b) tie c) bracelet d) belt e) earring f) top 2) A piece of clothes that looks like very tight trousers. a) trousers b) leggings c) jeans d) tights e) shorts f) skirt 3) The pattern that has flowers and leaves in it. a) checked b) plain c) striped d) smart e) floral f) spotted 4) Choose the line where all the words are footwear. a) boots, trainers, shoes b) trainers, sandals, belt c) dress, sandals, trainers d) scarf, shoes, sneakers e) earings, boots, ring f) hat, shorts, boots 5) What does "smart style" mean? a) Clothes for vacation b) Clothes for office c) Clothes for walks d) Clothes for sports e) Clothes for horse-riding f) Clothes for meetings with friends. 6) "Checked" is the pattern in which you can see... a) squares b) triangles c) circles d) flowers e) nothing f) lines 7) Choose the line where all the words are sweaters. a) cardigan, jumper, scarf b) jumper, T-shirt, cardigan c) hoodie, jacket, shirt d) jumper, cardigan, hoodie e) cardigan, jumper, coat f) jacket, cardigan, dress 8) The pattern that has circles of different size. a) baggy b) checked c) floral d) plain e) spotted f) striped 9) Choose the line where all clothes are only women's. a) cardigan, top, jeans b) dress, coat, shoes c) jacket, T-shirt, swimsuit d) shirt, sandals, sweater e) dress, leggings, blouse f) tie, scarf, shorts 10) Which one is not an accessorie? a) ring b) belt c) watch d) handbag e) sock f) earrings

Clothes. Revision for Go Getter 4, Unit 1


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