1) "what" starts with ____ because it is a question word (we can say "What?") a) w b) wh 2) "want" starts with ___ because it is NOT a question word (we don't say "Want?") a) w b) wh 3) "want" is spelled with an "a" because it is related to this word: a) wane b) wall c) whack 4) "went" is spelled just as it sounds: /w/ /e/ /n/ /t/. What is the vowel sound in "went"? a) e b) i c) a 5) I ______ to get a soft dog. a) want b) what 6) I see _______ they did to win. a) what b) want 7) The cat ______ to the shed in the grass. a) what b) went c) want 8) Do you ______ a big bunk bed? a) what b) want 9) She got up and ______ to class. a) want b) went c) what 10) I did not ______ to slip on the path. a) want b) what c) went 11) That gift is just ______ I want. a) what b) want c) went 12) Do you know ______ the clock says? a) want b) what c) went 13) We all ______ to the mall. a) went b) want c) what

What vs. Want vs. Went (Barton Level 3 Sight Words)


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