1) Which is a long term effect of air pollution on human health. a) eye irritation b) increase allergic reactions c) coughing and sneezing d) lung and other types of cancers e) increase respiratory infections. 2) All of the following are negative effects of air pollution on the environment except a) global warming. b) formation of acid rain. c) depletion of good ozone. d) increase in the rate of photosynthesis. e) carbon monoxide poisoning. f) increase smog. 3) Which green house gas has the biggest effect on global warming. a) oxygen b) suphur dioxide c) nitrogen dioxide d) carbon dioxide 4) Which is NOT an effect of global warming? a) Rise in temperature of the atmosphere and sea. b) Melting of polar ice or glaciers. c) Rise in sea levels. d) Increase in small islands or lands being submerged under water. e) Ozone layer depletion. 5) The main compound which contributes to ozone layer depletion is CFCs-chlorofluorocarbons. True or False a) True b) False 6) Which is not an impact of ozone layer depletion? a) Increase UV rays coming directly from the sun. b) Increase skin cancers and skin diseases. c) Blocking of UV rays from the sun. d) Irritation of the eyes due to intense UV rays. e) Drying of crops. f) Increase death by heat strokes. 7) Which is NOT a negative effect of air pollution on animals? a) kills aquatic organisms. b) Forces animals to occupy a new habitat that is less polluted and more suitable for their survival. c) Contributes to extinction of some species. d) Diseases e) Birth defects f) Lower reproductive rate




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