1) What is relative density? a) It is the density of a standard substance to the density of a given substance b) It is the density that has relatives. c) It is the ratio of the substance to that of the standard substance. d) It is the ratio of the density of a substance to the density of a standard substance. 2) Which one of the following is the unit of relative density? a) Gram per cubic centimeter  b) Gram per cubic centimeter/ gram per cubic centimeter c) Kilogram per cubic meter d) Gram per cubic centimeter/ kilogram per cubic meter 3) ................is taken as standard substance for liquids and solids during determination of relative density. a) Water b) Alcohol c) Copper d) Air 4) The density of paraffin is 0.71g/cm3 and that of water is 1g/cm3. Fine the relative density of paraffin. a)  0.26 b)  0.53 c)  0.71 d)  0.98 5) The correctly stated density of water at room temperature and pressure is......... a) 0.899Kg/m3 b) 1000Kg/m3 c) 1500Kg/m3 d) 3000Kg/m3 6) The special apparatus for determining relative density is called....... a) erlenmeyer flask  b) gas jar. c) volumetric flask. d) density bottle. 7) The figure in the insert shows a comparison of the densities of wood and metal to the density of water. Which substance has a relative density greater than 1? a) Metal b) Water c) Wood d) Air 8) Why is relative density important? a) Because it helps us identify substances. b) Because it helps us to mark the primsol line on the ship. c) Because it helps to ascertain which substance will sink and which substance will float. d) Because it helps to understand the material composition of matter. 9) A substance with relative density less than 1 will always................. a) expand b) float c) be submerged d) sink 10) An empty density bottle has a mass of 21g and a volume. If mass of density bottle filled with stearic acid is 67g and that of density bottle filled inturn with water is 86g, find the relative density of stearic acid.  a) 0.43 b) 0.56 c) 0.71 d) 0.94




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