1) Which 3d shape is named correctly? a) Cuboid b) Cube c) Cylinder 2) What 3d shape, has a round surface, no edges and no vertices?  a) cone  b) sphere c) cylinder 3) This object is which of these 3D shapes.... a) Cylinder b) Cone c) Cube 4) This 3D shape has six square faces and six sides. a) Cube b) Cuboid c) Sphere 5) This 3D shape has mainly a triangular, rectangular or square base with triangular sides. a) Pyramid b) Cone c) Cube 6) What is the shape of this object? a) Cylinder b) Sphere c) Cone 7) Which 3d shape does this net represent? a) Square Pyramid b) Triangular pyramid c) Rectangular Pyramid 8) Jack has a pair of dice and Jill has a pack of cards. Which 3D shapes do they have? a) Cube and Cylinder b) Cube and Cuboid c) Cuboid and Cone 9) Which3D shape can Jack construct using this net/ a) Cone b) Sphere c) Cylinder 10) Which 3D shapes can be found on this house? a) Cylinder and triangle b) Triangle and rectangle c) Cuboid and rectangular pyramid

Three dimensional shapes (Grade 4)




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